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Arduino Lithium-ion Battery Capacity Tester

May 08, 2012 By: admin Category: Arduino, Measurement, Microcontroller, Monitoring, Project No Comments →

This project shows you how to build a simple Li-on Battery Capacity Tester. It consists of single resistor that discharges battery. Arduino measures the voltage drop across resistor. According to Ohm’s Law current = voltage/resistance. Every second value of current is divided by 3600 and summed up to get the capacity expressed in Ah (Amp […]

1.5V Battery Operated FM transmitter

May 07, 2012 By: admin Category: Analog, Ham Radio, Transmitter No Comments →

The purpose of this 1.5V FM broadcast transmitter circuit is to provide a simple, appliance-like low-power transmitter to rebroadcast audio. It can be used to rebroadcast the output of a CD player, television receiver, or radio receiver. This transmitter does not have pre-emphesies, so it is not high-fidelity. It has sort of an “AM” sound […]

Simple Automatic Battery Discharge Analyzer

October 29, 2011 By: admin Category: AVR, Data Acquisition, Microcontroller, Monitoring, Project No Comments →

The project allows you to analyze characteristics of unknown/junk battery especially the capacity and variation of the voltage on discharge. It is controlled with a PC via a serial port. No external power supply is required because it is powered by RS-232C signals. It uses ATmega48 as main controller for dummy load and constant current […]

Rechargeable Battery Capacity Tester

October 24, 2011 By: admin Category: AVR, Digital, Measurement, Microcontroller, Project No Comments →

This ATMega168-based battery tester allows you to find out the overall capacity of the rechargeable battery. It can shows how long will a battery last from the time it’s fully charged to the time that the “low battery” indicator comes on your device. It can be used to test multiple cells individually, and display the […]