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04/25/2012 Category: Microcontroller, Miscellaneous, Project, Renesas

This project describes the use of a M32C/84 as an embedded internet appliance, capable of hosting a website over a standard dialup connection. When this device connects itself to the internet, it announces its allocated IP address to a dynamic DNS service, allowing a fixed domain name to point directly to HTTP and FTP servers. This provides a simple, low-power web-hosting option for web sites.

embedded internet appliance website

The data served by the website is stored on a low-cost compact flash card, supporting complex websites which can be updated easily using the inbuilt FTP server, or externally using a PC with a compact flash reader. The M32C/84 approach used a minimum number of ICs, and allowed a relatively fast memory-mapped interface to the compact flash card.

Embedded Internet Appliance
Project Firmware, Schematic and Documentation