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Muscle Powered Remote Control

08/10/2010 Category: AVR, Microcontroller, Project, Remote


Shakemote is A Battery-less muscle-powered remote control for TVs, DVD, Air Conditioner and other electronics device that use remote control. The power generator design is similar to the ones used in muscle-powered generators torches. It consists of two main parts: a voltage generator and a voltage regulator. You can adapt the generator, which is based on Faraday’s principle, with the help of large capacitors such as Super capacitors and suitable DC/DC converters. By doing so, it is possible to easily meet the power supply requirements of the Shakemote.

no battery remote control

At the heart of our shakemote is the Tiny13 which wakes up on pin change interrupt from a keypress and serves RC5 to the IR LED. The tiny13 listens to six keys and can output codes functions for commonly used by TV or DVD remote control like Volume+/-, Channel+/-, Mute and Standby. This battery-less RC project is designed by Dhananjay Gadre and Ranjit Puri.