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AVR Project : Cheapest Dual Trace Scope

10/02/2008 Category: AVR, Digital, Microcontroller, Project

I think this is Cool idea related to Microcontroller project created by J. Lepot. This USB scope is based on a Atmel Tiny45 cpu and cost less than 5€ with a homemade pcb. It has 2 analog inputs and can supply 5V on the 4 pins header on the right. One of the inputs can be scaled down with the trim pot.

The firmware in the Tiny45 is written in C and compiled with Winavr and usb source code from obdev. As you can see, there is no crystal , the software sync the internal 16.5Mhz pll clock with the USB clock.

It has been designed to plug into a project breadboard so there is no need for a power supply. It does connect to a PC with usb in HID mode, without the need to install any specific driver. Data are diplayed on the PC with .NET C# software.

Download : Schematic, Eagle File, Firmwire, Hex File and Windows Software

term : USB Scope, Microcontroller Project, AVR, Tiny45 (src)