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I/O Breadboard Development System

01/15/2010 Category: AVR, Digital, Interfacing, Microcontroller, Project


The PRO-I/O breadboard development system emulates various input and output devices typically used in today‚Äôs designs. It plugged into a breadboard along its top row of connectors and provided input stimulus and output display for the circuit under development. The project include switches, pushbuttons, a 2×16 character LCD display, LEDs and even a small serial terminal. A frequency generator, frequency counter and two voltmeters are also implemented. For cost effective reason, the system includes a PC user interface and a USB interface.

The PRO-I/O hardware is designed around an AVR ATmega16 microcontroller with firmware written in C using WinAVR. While The PC side software (written in Visual Basic 5) provides a clean user interface for the PRO-I/O hardware. The design connects to the target breadboard via a 40-pin keyed cable. The target end of the cable can be changed to suit the target system as required. This cable contains all of the input and output signals for the target interface as well as several power and ground pins that can be used to power smaller designs.

Power for the PRO-I/O and the target system is taken from an inexpensive wall-wart transformer. The USB port obtains power from the PC and is optically isolated from the rest of the PRO-I/O circuitry. The isolation should greatly reduce the possibility of damaging the PC as any problems in the target system are effectively stopped at the optocoupler interface. The I/O Breadboard Development System was designed by Kenneth Lumia from US.

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