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Tempereature Controller using Microcontroller AVR

01/19/2008 Category: Microcontroller, Project

Tempereature Controller using Microcontroller AVR

Tempereature controller made for monitoring temperature and control the heater. This microcontroller project created by jesper.It’s based on an Microcontroller AVR AT90S2313 and a Dallas DS1621 Digital Thermometer. The temperature is displayed on a dual 7-segment display, and two buttons are used for setting parameters. A high current relay switches the heating element.

The project use C language to programm it, will make everything more easier. A 4 MHz ceramic resonator is used for clocking the 2313. “A fun little construction and a good way to learn about the DS1621” Jesper said. This could be a good microcontroller project for you who want to learn How to interface DS1621 to Micorocntroller AVR using I2C protocol.

View Schematic
and download the project code