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40W Power Amplifier for FM Broadcast

06/10/2009 Category: Amplifier, Analog, Transmitter


If you want to boost the output power of your low power FM broadcast band exciters then you can try this project, 40W broadband VHF RF Power Amplifier. The amplifier design is based on the recently introduced (1998) Motorola MRF171A MOSFET. The initial feasibility was performed using a linear RF and microwave simulation package, specifically Supercompact. The project has 40W min output power, 20dB gain, 88 to 108 MHz frequency range broadband, High efficiency, Low component count, +28V DC operation, Integrated 7 pole Chebyshev low pass harmonic filter (LPF), and Single MOS FET gain stage in class AB


FM Broadcast Amplifier
Design broadband amplifier for FM