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The ATmega8 microcontroller-based AVRcam

07/06/2007 Category: Project

The ATmega8 microcontroller-based AVRcam

Project Description

John Orlando and Brent Taylor from US has made a extradionary application based on AVR microcontroller that is The ATmega8 microcontroller-based AVRcam. It is a stand-alone image-processing engine that’s well suited for robotics applications. The impressive AVRcam can track eight objects of eight different user-defined colors at 27 frames per second. The compact, low-power design provides a high-performance system that enables you to see your mobile robot’s environment.

A user interface displays the following image information in real time: the number of currently tracked objects as well as the color, center point, and bounding box of each object. A PC-based application provides a platform to configure the system. In addition, the application allows you to take photographs with the AVRcam. No wonder if This Application won AVR 2004 Design Contest.

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