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MSP430 Brushless DC Motor ESC

April 05, 2013 By: admin Category: Control, Motor No Comments →

The aim of the project is to build Electronic speed control (ESC) booster pack for the MSP430 LaunchPad named as BLDC Booster. It allows for sensored or sensorless control of a brushless DC motor. Project scheme for sensorless commutation is using BEMF integration and flux thresholding based on the theory of operation for TI’s InstaSpin […]

MSP430 Based Gaming Console, GamingPack

March 12, 2013 By: admin Category: FPGA, Game, Microcontroller No Comments →

GamingPack is plugin module that convert your MSP430 LaunchPad into a full fledged gaming console complete with audio / video output and two Nintendo controller sockets. Just connect GamingPack to your computer monitor, plug in a controller and you can enjoy classic games in no time. At this time, three classic games are available for […]

MSP430 Bike POV (Persistence of Vision)

February 21, 2013 By: admin Category: Display, LED No Comments →

Spoke Ink is a booster pack for MSP430 LaunchPad that attaches to the spokes of your bicycle wheel. Using an array of 32 RGB LEDs and a magnetic sensor, this booster pack projects produce a bright and upright image right from the spokes of your wheel. You can create the image from any bitmap with […]

Bluetooth Home Automation

January 30, 2013 By: admin Category: Control, Microcontroller, Remote, Wireless No Comments →

The purpose of the project is to build Bluetooth Home Automation based on MSP430 Launchpads. It can be used to control home appliances, i.e. lights, computer, media, games, etc. This boosterpack uses PAN1325A Bluetooth module with Bluetooth chip-CC2560 and CapTouch Sensors. In the video demo, you watch Boosterpack turn on house lamp with touch of […]