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Firmware USB for PIC16F628, 16FUSB

May 11, 2012 By: admin Category: Interfacing, Miscellaneous, PIC, Project No Comments →

The 16FUSB is a software implementation of the USB low-speed for PIC16F628/628A microcontroller. All communication stuff is done by the firmware written in ASM, completely discarding the need to use an additional chip. From the 16FUSB core is possible to add implementations of other protocols such as, for example, I2C, SPI or simple write data […]

Wireless Altoids Display

May 09, 2012 By: admin Category: Arduino, Display, Microcontroller, Project, Wireless No Comments →

The aim of this project is to build a wireless 2×16 character display that fit to Altoids tin. It can be used to display data which is sent from the PC using a terminal program such as the Arduino ‘Serial Monitor’. The project consists of two main parts, first, the ‘remote’ Altoids tin containing Arduino, […]

Digital Instrument Panel for Diesel Engines

April 16, 2012 By: admin Category: Interfacing, Microcontroller, Project, Renesas Comments Off on Digital Instrument Panel for Diesel Engines

This project serves as a ‘black box’ which interfaces with the pressure, temperature, RPM and other sensors of a Diesel Engine to generate serial packet data for a ‘Digital Instrument Panel’, which can be viewed on a PC, on an operator’s HMI (Human Machine Interface) console or wirelessly via the Bluetooth link on a PDA.

Basic PLC

February 14, 2012 By: admin Category: Control, Interfacing, Microcontroller, Project, Renesas No Comments →

The Basic PLC project described here combines BASIC with a PLC and inherits the advantages of both systems. The project uses M16C/62P microcontroller as main processor. A Programmable Logic Control (PLC) is a simple controlling computer for universal use in measuring, steering and controlling tasks. It is usable in any industrial or laboratory environment or […]