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Microstepping Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver

7:52 am By: admin Category: AVR, Control, Microcontroller, Motor, Project

This project is the implementation of a low-cost, high-performance bipolar stepper motor driver. This driver was designed for the hobbyist who is retrofitting a piece of equipment for CNC operation using one of the inexpensive and readily available interpreter programs. Generally speaking, these programs are capable of reading the GCode output from a CAM program and outputting step and direction signals to the parallel port. It is the function of the driver built in this project to receive these step and direction signals and control a stepper motor based upon them.

CNC Machine Stepper Motor Driver

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Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver

2:45 am By: admin Category: Control, Interfacing, Motor, Project

This project enables you to drive two unipolar stepper motor or eight electric light bulb or DC motors. There are eight DC power switch you can open or close through PC parallel port. For safety reason, digital interface to PC uses optocouplers. You can connect up to six circuits to a single LPT, driving up to twelve step motors or 48 bulb.

LPT stepper motor driver

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Unipolar Stepper Motor BoosterPack for MSP430 Launchpads

9:15 am By: admin Category: Motor

This project extends MSP430 Launchpads functionality to include the operation of a unipolar stepper motor. It uses ULN2003V12 Inductive Load Sink Driver which configured to drive a 6/5 wire unipolar stepper motor. Eight LEDs are used to indicate power output to unipolar stepper motor.

stepper motor driver

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Bidirectional Current-Pulse Operated Stepper Motor

5:17 am By: admin Category: AVR, Digital, Measurement, Microcontroller, Project

skydriver altimeter

The Bidirectional Stepper Motor project described here takes the principles of a current-pulse operated watch hand movement, and enables operation in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. The system is built around microcontroller AVR ATtiny13.

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