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Oscillator Project Using ICL8038

02/18/2010 Category: Analog

The circuit is a easy design an Oscillator. The main component consists of the VCO (ICL8038), the CMOS-compatible output stage using the MOSFET driver chip ICL7667 and the sine and triangle output stage (LT1210). It is capable of producing sine, triangle and square wave output with a frequency up to several hundred kHz. Wolfgang Wieser, the designer, said that the Oscillator featuring the following attributes:

  • 1.1A guaranteed output current for sine and triangle waves with thermal shutdown and protection diodes
  • About 50% duty cycle (non-precision and adjustable via a trim pot)
  • Variable offset and gain for the sine/triangle output
  • Frequency range 0.5Hz to 300 kHz (but signal degenerates when approaching the upper frequency limit)
  • Single supply operation, 5V to 15V
  • CMOS-compatible complementary square wave outputs capable of driving into 50 Ohm with rise/fall times of 30ns
  • at 10V (new in Rev 3).

easy oscillator project

© Wolfgang Wieser