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Virtual Serial Port Software

07/22/2008 Category: Software

Communcating between two computer can established via serial port. You need two computer to do it. But if you only one computer in your home, don’t worry you can try it with virtual serial port. Virtual serial port is good to test your application that required serial port to communicate

Virtual Serial Port Software

Virtual serial ports work and behave exactly like real ones and application communicating with virtual ports will never get the difference. Your work with virtual ports is much more comfortable, as virtual serial port connection is much more reliable and stable.

Any number of serial ports in your system

Virtual Serial Port Driver can create an unlimited number of virtual serial port pairs. The whole solution is virtual: a pair of virtual ports is connected via virtual-null cable. So, there is no need for additional cables and real COM ports do not get occupied. All data transmitted to one virtual port automatically gets sent to the other virtual port in a pair.
virtual serial port fully emulates real hardware COM-port settings Zoom

Real COM-ports settings emulation

Virtual Serial Port Driver creates virtual ports that seem real to the Windows operating system. All virtual ports work like real ones, so the application that communicates via serial interface will easily work with virtual COM ports.

A pair of virtual serial ports supports all hardware signal lines and you will be able to set any types of lines connection. It is important, if your program demands special options of signal lines connection.

Baudrate emulation is important, if you work with applications, that have fixed-speed compatibility.

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