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Home Automation and Observation Remote

12/15/2008 Category: Control, Digital, Microcontroller, Project

The MC9S08GT60 microcontroller-based HAXOR is an innovative general-purpose remote control infrastructure designed for next-generation homes, offices, public venues, and other smart environments. This microcontroller project created and build by Jacob Adriaens and Seapahn Megerian. The remote control with a user-friendly LCD interface can control any device or actuator connected to the 802.15.4 mesh network. Using an MC13192 SARD board, this sophisticated system is designed around wirelessly networked remote control, sensor, and actuator nodesas well as multi-purpose base stations, and other backbone fabrics that seamlessly work together to provide a number of services to the end-users.

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Tags : Home Automation, Control, MC9S08GT60, Microcontroller Project link