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Lead-Acid Battery Tester, Desulfator & Charger

April 01, 2013 By: admin Category: AVR, Power Supply, Tools No Comments →

Da Pimp is ATmega48-based portable Lead-acid battery tester, desulfator & charger designed by Mikey Sklar. It uses capacitors instead of a transformer for efficient conversion of AC to DC voltages. With input 120VAC, it will deliver 0.5A constant current output and dynamic voltage 1VDC – 100VDC. While 220VAC input will increase its current output to […]

Lead-Acid Battery Solar Charger

March 19, 2013 By: admin Category: Analog, Power Supply No Comments →

The purpose of the project is to build lead-acid batteries charger using solar panel in small and portable applications. The charger will stop charging once a pre-set voltage (temperature compensated) has been reached, and resume charging when the voltage has dropped off sufficiently. The load is disconnected when the battery voltage drops below 11V and […]