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ATtiny2313 Frequency Meter

April 04, 2013 By: admin Category: AVR, Display, Measurement, Project No Comments →

Frequency Meter using ATtiny2313

The project shows you how to build simple and powerful frequency meter using ATtiny2313 microcontroller. The frequency meter can be used to measure frequencies from 1Hz to 10MHz (9,999,999 Hz) with a resolution of 1 Hz over the entire range. It displays result on seven 7-segment LED displays. The project uses 22.1184MHz overclocking crystal to […]

LiPo Internal Resistance Meter, AVR ATmega8

February 10, 2013 By: admin Category: AVR, Measurement No Comments →

LiPO internal resistance measurement tool

This ATmega8-based device can be used to measure the internal resistance of Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries used in electric RC models. By measure the internal resistance you can estimate your battery age and condition, whether the lipo is still good enough to power your RC model or you need to find new battery. New LiPo […]

AVR Switch Timer

August 10, 2012 By: admin Category: AVR, Microcontroller, Project, Timer No Comments →

Switch Timer Project

To get better UV expose, Andrianakis has built new Switch Timer that will turn of his UV exposure box after some time. The timer uses ATmega8 as main processor and two 7-segments LED as display. There are two buttons for set and start the timer. When time runs out, microcontroller switches relay and also sounds […]

USB Website Hit Counter

May 07, 2011 By: admin Category: AVR, Display, Interfacing, Microcontroller, Miscellaneous, Project, USB No Comments →

AVR based website hit counter

The project purpose is to build an AVR-based website total page hits counter and display it on 7-segments display instead of using only general scripts such as PHP, Java, CGI etc. The counter project consists of three main parts. First, PHP hit counter script run on website. This script will count the number of times […]