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Arduino based Web Radio Player

03/16/2015 Category: Arduino, Audio

This Web Radio Player provides inexpensive internet radio player with high quality stereo sound. It can be used to listen internet radio stations without personal computer or tablet or smartphone.

The project has two switches to control the next or previous radio station. It has 14 pre-defined radio stations that can be replaced with the radio stations of your choice by re-programming the modified sketch to the arduino pro mini.

internet radio player using arduino

The project’s hardware consist of

  • Arduino pro mini as main processor
  • ENC28J60 ethernet module to connects the circuit to the internet
  • VS1053B — a single-chip Ogg Vorbis/MP3/AAC/WMA/MIDI audio decoder to decode the audio streams from the webradio servers and leads the sound to the speakers
  • Nokia 5110 LCD module to displays the information about the webradio station (station name, bit rate, etc).

WebRadio Player project is designed by Vassilis Serasidis.